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Youth Offices

The Youth Offices in George, Uniondale and Haarlem offer a number of different services to the youth. Their primary role is to play a strategic enabling role for organisations, and departments that are working within the youth sector. The Youth Office forms the bridge between access to local government services, products, and advice to civil society.

Below are some of the services provided by the Youth Office:

  • assistance with tertiary applications (universities and colleges)
  • assistance with NSFAS applications
  • assistance with EPWP unemployed database for George Municipality and/or Garden Route District Municipality
  • assistance with Chrysalis Academy applications
  • Career Readiness Programme – this  includes assistance with CVs, cover letters and job applications, as well as opportunities such as  leadership training
  • assists unemployed youth with photocopies, ID copies, and copies of matric certificates for job-seeking purposes or other opportunities
  • assistance with SARS e-filing registrations (Uniondale/Haarlem)
  • arrange workshops on youth-relevant and related information, such as entrepreneurship, life skills and leadership training, career-pathing and more with different stakeholders such as  the National Youth Development Agency
  • do referrals of young people to different stakeholders, for assistance from the government, non-governmental organisations, and other institutions
  • assistance with school assignments (research and photographs)
  • assistance with the development of raw ideas into project proposals.
  • motivational and career sessions are being held at schools and with unemployed youth
  • parental support programmes, with stakeholders
  • aftercare, holiday, and weekend programmes
  • Skills Transfer Workshops, for example, beading, sewing, decoupage and upcycled goods programmes
  • strategic support to stakeholders and role-players in the youth development industry
  • general information outreaches in different areas
  • facilitation of public participation in Youth Forums
  • logistical support provided in programme/project roll-out
  • youth ambassador programme, to assist community organizations.
  •  Social Disaster Relief (SDR) assistance (Uniondale/Haarlem)
  • Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (PSIRA) claim profile assistance (Uniondale)
  • Universal bank assistance (Uniondale)
  • Referral of social issues to Department of Social Development (Uniondale/Haarlem)

Operating Hours:
07h45 – 16h30 during weekdays

Contact the George Youth Office on 044 802 2000
Or visit the Youth Office on the corner of St.John’s and Varing Streets in the George City Centre
or email

Contact the Uniondale Youth Office on 044 752 1024 or visit the Youth Office in Lang Street, Lyonville
or  email  or

Contact the Haarlem Youth Office on  044 763 1013 or  visit the Youth Office at the Municipal Building, Berg Street
or email  or