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Town Planning

Town Planning 044 801 9477

Consultation hours for Town Planners:  Walk-in clients – weekdays from 08h00 to 12h30.
Pre-booked appointments – weekdays from 14h00 to 16h00.

Town Planning Front Desk Reception: 044 801 9477
Town Planning Complaints:
Comments and Objections:
Property Transfer Certificates: Marina Welman or 044 801 9171
Zoning Certificates: Lorraine Malangeni
Zoning Rectifications: (even numbers) Jeanne Muller or (uneven numbers) Ilané Huyser

Click for George Municipality Zoning Scheme Map and GIS Public Viewer.
Click for Land Use Pre-consultation Application Form
Click for Land Use SubmissionsLand Use Tribunal and Land Use Bylaw Decisions.
Click for Instructions for Online Land Use Applications.
Click for Municipal Spatial Development Framework and Local Spatial Development Frameworks.
Click for Town Planning Bylaws.
Click for Town Planning Policies and Guidelines.
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Application Submissions
The Town Planning department has moved from its present internet-based land use application system to an on-line portal-based system to enable the electronic submission and processing of land use applications. Applicant need to register on the system as users before they can use the system and upload land use applications.

Applicants can register on the system by going to the following website
The above website address can also be used to upload building plan applications and OSCA/OSCAE permit applications.

The new on-line portal system means that pre-application, section 38 requests, land use application documents, public participation documents, comments and objections no longer need to be submitted by email to the department’s officials. Thus, as from 1 November 2022, applications by email will no longer be accepted.

The necessary documents and detailed instructions to register on, and to use the on-line portal can be accessed and downloaded from the following link:

Requests for these documents may also be requested via email to
For any queries or more information on the above please contact 044 801 9477 or email or

Due to the erratic delivery of registered notices and owners generally not collecting them, it has been decided that, where it is possible to do so, i.e. where the property is occupied, applicants may serve notices on owners by hand, provided that the necessary proof of delivery is provided.

Registered notices will only be necessary where no street address is available (such as smallholdings or farms) and where the property is vacant or unoccupied and where no email address is available. Postal and/or email address information can be requested from Marisa Arries ( or 044 801 9473).

Comments and objections on Land Use Applications
All comments and objections on land use applications must be submitted to the Department and the applicant in an electronic format. Neighbouring property owners and other interested and affected parties to the application, who do not have access to email can arrange with the following designated officials to submit comments and objections via WhatsApp or SMS:

  • Erven and Farm portions ending with an even number: Primrose Nako ( or 044 801 9416)
  • Erven and Farm portions ending with an uneven number : Marisa Arries ( or 044 801 9473

Applicants must send notices to commenting bodies and state departments via email.

The applicants will still be required to place a site notice on the street boundary of the property in a position that is clearly visible to the surrounding neighbours when they pass by. Applications that have a broader impact will require the applicant to place a notice in the print edition of Die Burger (Southern Cape) or the George Herald.

Finally, applicants will need to arrange with Corlize Bester to also publish their applications the George Municipality’s website and Facebook page at least 3 days before notices are issued by emailing the Notice as a word document and the Application as one PDF document.

Planning and Environmental Management 
Deputy Director: Planning and Environmental Management: Delia Power 044 801 9476
Chief Clerk: Zanele Norawana 044 801 9198

Town Planning
Senior Manager: Town Planning: Clinton Petersen 044 801 9182
Senior Town Planner: Jeanne Muller 044 801 9138
Senior Town Planner: Ilanè Huyser 044 801 9120
Town Planner : Martin Botha 044801 9191
Town Planner: Khuliso Mukhovha 044 801 9447
Town Planner: Robert Janse Van Rensburg 044 809 9555
Town Planner: Fakazile Vava 044 801 9555
Assistant Town Planner: Robin Hector 044 801 9475
Assistant Town Planner: Peter-Jon Du Plessis 044 801 9475

Spatial Planning 
Senior Spatial Planner: Lynette Groenewald 044 801 9436
Spatial Planner: Henko Lourens 044 801 9047
GIS: Corlize Bester 044 801 9117
Environmental Management (OSCAE Permits):
Environmental Officer – Lauren Josias 0448019451

Land Use 
Senior Land-Use Officer (Tribunal and Appeals): Keith Meyer 044 801 9435
Senior Town Planning Administrator: Primrose Nako 044 801 9416
Senior Town Planning Administrator: Marisa Arries 044 801 9473
Senior Clerk (Front Desk): Lorraine Malangeni 044 801 9477

Compliance, Complaints, and Investigations
Manager Compliance, Complaints, and Investigation: Amanda Joubert 044 801 9171
Administrator: Marina Welman 044 801 9171
Town Planning Inspector: Naudica Swanepoel 044 801 9096
Town Planning Inspector: Nathi Timakwe 044 801 9119