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Renewable Energy Projects

Enquiries: 044 8039200

Frequently Asked Questions on SSEGs

The George Municipality encourages the responsible use of alternative energy and has measures in place to facilitate the registration of such equipment, also known as Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) systems. SSEGs are mostly generated by the sun, also known as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, but can also be technologies related to wind and biogas.

Registration of SSEGs with the George Municipality is important because:

  • You can earn financial credit if your system feeds energy back into the electricity grid.
  • The municipality uses the information to gage the impact of SSEGs on the city’s electricity grid and can plan and act accordingly.
  • Connecting an SSEG system to the grid can pose a safety risk and the municipality must therefore ensure that generating equipment is approved and installed in the correct manner as set out by the national standard NRS 097.
  • The municipality must ensure that the installed SSEG system does not interfere with the quality of its electricity supply as set out by the national standard NRS 048.
  • The information is reported to government and other stakeholders to inform the bigger picture.
  • The municipality finance department can verify the source of noteworthy revenue impacts – for example, it will explain why an electricity bill drops significantly after the installation of a solar geyser and panels.

Individuals, businesses and organisations wanting to install alternative energy sources and equipment in the George municipal area must follow the following procedures:

  • Find an accredited, professional service provider.
  • Customers can use the online web-based platform to register.
  • They first have to register as an applicant to create login credentials, select George municipality and then begin registration.
  • We recommend that the customer let their installer fill in the application form as it contains some technical questions.
  • The link is:
  • The municipality will assess the impact on the electricity grid and inform the applicant and service provider if they can proceed with installation.
  • The applicant must inform the municipality once installation has been completed, after which a municipal technician will inspect the installation and request a copy of the
    Certificate of Compliance (COC) from the installer.
  • Any additions or alterations to an existing SSEG system must follow the same procedure as above.

Documents Required for the Online Application