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Integrated Development Plan

Integrated Development Plan (IDP): 044 801 9075
IDP Officer: Ronel le Fleur

Ward committee operations: Paulina Saaiman 044 801 9111

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The George Municipality considers its Integrated Development Plan (IDP) latest review documents to be more than a compliance document. It is a way for the municipality and others to look at the municipal area as a whole, to assess its progress and needs, make decisions and plan ahead.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the context and needs of George change all the time. This is among the main reasons why the annual review of the IDP document is not a going-through-the-motions process, but a real look at changing needs and how the municipality can strategically address them.

It is also for this reason the municipality continues to encourage public participation during the IDP review process so that communities’ comments can be formally noted and recorded.

An IDP document is not a master plan but rather an enabling framework that guides the municipality’s actions and allocation of resources. It further provides a platform to actively engage with its stakeholders and citizens to refine its thinking and strategies through constructive dialogue.