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Sport Development

044 801 9488

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Outeniqua Park
Conville Swimming Pool
Rooirivierrif Sport Grounds
Thembalethu Sport Grounds
Parkdene (Maraiskamp) Sport Grounds
Thembalethu Zone 9 Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) Field
Lawaaikamp Sport Grounds
New Dawn Park SRSA Field
Rosedale SRSA Field
Rosemoor Sport Grounds
Pacaltsdorp Sportgrounds
Blanco Sport Grounds
Touwsranten Sport Grounds
Uniondale Sport Grounds and Swimming Pool

The George Municipality Accessibility to Sport programme aims to make sport facilities in George accessible to those living with disabilities and implementing sporting codes that enhance the quality of life for persons living with disabilities. These include the hosting of events aimed at introducing disabled people to sporting codes suitable to their challenges as well as sporting tournaments to give disabled a chance to compete.


As of 3 April 2024 until 1 December 2024, there will be no lifeguards deployed at the beaches and swimming pools.

The following safety precautions are to be adhered to:

  • Do not dive into a pool you have never been in before
  • Listen to the lifeguards
  • Do not swim alone
  • Do not let small children swim in the big pool.
  • No diving. No pushing
  • Children under the age of 12 must be escorted by an adult (Please note that the small pool at Conville is closed for repairs)
  • No weapons
  • No alcohol is allowed at the swimming pools
  • Right of admission reserved.

The tariffs for entry into both Conville and Uniondale swimming pools are as follows:

Non-Sporting events:

  • Entrance fee: Adult (Including children 16years and above):  R 15, 00 per person
  • Children (15 years & under):   R 5, 00 per child
  • Swimming tuition:  per person: R 11, 00 (Both adult and children)

Sporting events:
Hire of Conville Swimming Pool:

  • Galas for Adults: R1 500,00 / full day
  • R 800, 00 / half day
  • Deposit R1 500, 00 (Refundable)
  • Floodlights: R 300, 00 / hour
  • Touchpads: R 4 000, 00 / day
  • PLEASE NOTE: Entry fee to the Swimming Pools is VAT INCLUSIVE

For enquiries/bookings: Conville Swimming Pool
Tel: 044 801 9488

Contact persons:
Mr J Bruinders Email: – Sport Development Assistant
Ms LY Botha Email  – Sport Development Officer
Ms S Velembo Email


Enquiries/Bookings: Uniondale Swimming Pool
Tel: 044-8019020 / 044 7521024 (Uniondale Office)

Uniondale Public Swimming Pool
As of 3 April 2024 until 1 December 2024, there will be no lifeguards deployed at the beaches and swimming pools.

Always take note of our public pool rules – usually displayed at the pool entrance. The city of George is not liable for loss or damage of any clothing or personal property.

If you can’t swim, we seriously recommend that you don’t go near the water. Please also make sure you let the lifeguards know if you or anyone else with you cannot swim or are not confident in the water.

Here are our general rules:
No alcohol or banned substances at the pool
No glass containers
No weapons of any kind
No running and messing around in and around the pool
No dunking or diving off shoulders
No ball games in or outside of the pool area
No pets allowed
No tents or similar structures
No pushing into the pool
Children under the age of seven need to be accompanied by an adult at all times

Activity dont’s
Don’t run, push, duck, bomb or play rough.
Don’t swim near or under the diving boards and make sure one person at a time uses the board.

It’s best to have young children in your care within arm’s reach. Remember, it only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen or a child to disappear in a crowd – so keep them close.

What to do if you get into trouble in the water:
Raise your hand and wave.
Try stay calm as panicking can make you tired and run out of breath.
Try and get to the edge of the pool and hold on.
Don’t grab anyone else as you may pull them down with you.