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Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP)

EPWP Project Coordinator: Gavin Esau
044 802 2010

EPWP Assistants for EPWP Sectors:
Environmental: Thembakazi Silimeni 044 802 2012
Infrastructure: Owen Fielies 044 802 2012
Social and Community Safety: Jason Jansen 044 802 2012
New Collaborator EPWP Recruitment and unemployment database: Charlton Van Wyk 044 802 2011/36 /

Physical address: Old Sanlam Building, corner of St John’s and Varing Roads

Click for EPWP Recruitment Guidelines.
Click for Application Form for EPWP Unemployed Data Base.

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is offered by national government to alleviate poverty and provides income relief through short to medium-term (temporary) work opportunities for the poor and unemployed.

The programme is coordinated by the National Department of Public Works (DPW) and implemented by public bodies from all spheres of government according to their mandates and existing budgets – in this case the George Municipality.

EPWP is implemented through four sectors:
Infrastructure: the use of temporary labour for construction and maintenance of public sector funded infrastructure projects.

Environmental and Culture: temporary employment of people on projects to improve their local surroundings and environment such as waste management, street cleaning, recycling, deforestation, alien vegetation clearing and beach patrol.

Social: temporary work opportunities to the unemployed and unskilled through the delivery of social development and community protection services such as peer educators, security interns and job shadowing for graduates and matrics.

Training: all participants on EPWP projects receive training on how to do the required job, which may include on-the-job training and formal accredited skills programmes and learnerships. Workers selected for training must be available to attend training and will receive full payment of a daily wage for the time spent training.

The George Municipality EPWP Unit aims to:

  • Bring the unemployed into a temporary working environment to gain skills and work experience that may enhance their chance for future employment.
  • Provide participants with a stipend/small allowance or salary while they are participating in the programme.

The following individuals may qualify for EPWP projects:

  • Unemployed and unskilled individuals
  • Women
  • Youth (aged 16 to 35)
  • Adult men
  •  People with disabilities

EPWP process to apply:

  • Projects in your community are advertised, usually on notice boards and local media and will stipulate that temporary workers are needed for a specific job, possibly in a specific area
  • Application details will be on the advertisement and will explain what kind of work will be required.
  • People are chosen according to the EPWP Recruitment Guidelines from George Municipality wards.


  • You can also register on the New EPWP Unemployed Data Base Collaborator system – when projects become available, the data base may also be applicable. Click for Application Form to register on EPWP Unemployment Data Base, fill in the form and hand in at offices as per address above.
  • Generally, projects in a specific community will recruit temporary workers from the people who live in that community, except where projects require specific skills that may not be represented in the community or are allocated across different areas.
  • If there are no registered persons available in a specific ward, the same individual may be employed on different projects – each period of employment, in each project, will be counted as a work opportunity. There is no standard length of time for a work opportunity.
  • To give as many people in a community opportunity to work, individuals can work a maximum of 12 consecutive months and is subject to funds being available.
  • People who have worked their maximum time, can re-register on the data base, but will only be considered if there are no other registered persons available in a particular ward.

If any of your personal details have changed, you will be responsible to submit the details to our EPWP Office at the municipality which will then be updated on the EPWP Collaborator Unemployment Data Base.