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There are two spheres of governance within any municipality: Council, which is political in nature and representative of the people who have elected them. The second is the Administration, which are people employed by the Municipality as the executors of decisions taken by Council and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the municipality.

The Administration sphere of government acts on the decisions made in Council and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the municipality.

The Municipal Manager heads the Administration arm of the municipality. The office incorporates the departments Audit, Risk, Communications and IGR.

The Director Financial Services administrates all finance-related services and the Information Technology department.

The Director Community Services oversees services pertaining to Parks and Recreation, Environmental Health, Refuse Removal and Waste Management as well as managing Fire and Rescue, Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Traffic and the Land Invasion Unit.

The Director Human Settlements, Planning and Development  oversees Town Planning, Spatial Planning and Building Control, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Management, Municipal Buildings, the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), Local Economic Development and Tourism. Human Settlements manages housing-related matters including administration surrounding the provincial housing list, subsidy housing and housing projects, and emergency housing.

The Director Civil Engineering Services oversees the infrastructure and workings of water, sewerage, roads and storm water as well as GO GEORGE.

The Director Electrotechnical Services manages municipal services related to infrastructure and distribution of electricity including high voltage, low voltage, transformers and substations, new infrastructure, street and traffic lights as well as Fleet Management.

The Director Corporate Services oversees most of the administrative functions of the municipality including Human Resources, Halls, Registration and administrative support to Council as well as overseeing services including Legal Services, Libraries, Sport Development and Community Development.