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Law Enforcement

Physical address: 25B Cathedral Street
044 801 6350 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (a/h)(standby team for bylaw-related emergencies only)

Click for Bylaws related to this section.
Click for Permit Application Form for fishing at the Garden Route Dam.

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are mainly tasked with the enforcement of George Municipality Bylaws.
Municipal Law Enforcement Officers may exercise the powers entrusted to peace officers under section 334 of the Criminal Procedure Act (Act 51 of 1977), excluding criminal or illegal action on private property.

Fishing at the Garden Route Dam requires a permit from the municipality.
Application is free of charge and must include the following:
A completed application form, downloadable from this website (click on the link above)
A copy of your identification document
A copy of your Freshwater Angling Licence, obtainable from CapeNature
Mail your application to or deliver in person at Law Enforcement offices, details above.
The approved permit will be processed and the applicant notified to collect.

As winter sets in and natural food sources become scarcer, baboons and monkeys are more likely to forage in residential areas.
While George Municipality and CapeNature assist with some aspects of baboon management, residents and visitors can assist greatly by reducing access to potential food sources.

  • Keep your dustbins closed, sliding doors bolted and windows and doors shut, especially when leaving the house and/or when troops are in the vicinity.
  •  If you want to keep windows open, install burglar bars with gaps smaller than 8 cm.
  • Do not leave pet food outside.
  • Do not feed wild birds and animals on the property, as this often attracts baboons.
  • Do not plant fruit trees, vegetable gardens or make compost heaps unless it can be caged in or surrounded by electric fencing.

For mitigating measures to be most effective, all residents in baboon-visited neighbourhoods should make a concerted effort to ensure there is no easy access to food – as baboons are more likely to move on if there is nothing for them to eat.  Residents suspecting that a particular baboon or troop is a significant problem are encouraged to photograph and record incidents of destructive and dangerous behaviour, as well as any details of distinguishing features that would make identification of problem baboons easier. Such information can be emailed to the address below. If proven data of a particular problem individual exists, baboon management measures may include euthanasia as a last resort.

044 801 6350 (office hours)  and
For advice on mitigating measures contact CapeNature Conservation Services at 044 802 5300.

Please note that according to the George Municipality Animals Bylaw, it is illegal to keep bees in residential areas.
Report the illegal keeping of bees to Environmental Services on 044 802 2900 or 044 801 6300 after hours.
The owner/keeper will be served with a notice and will have 10 days, from the time of the notice being served, to move the hives.
If the owner/keeper does not comply the bees will be removed, and the cost thereof billed to the owner/keeper.

Please report wild bee hives on municipal properties to Environmental Services on 044 802 2900 or 044 801 6300 after hours so the municipality can arrange for them to be moved safely.
Please consult the local telephone directory for the removal of bees on private properties.
Active hives are very dangerous, are especially unpredictable in hot weather, and should not be handled or moved or harvested for honey by inexperienced hands.
Swarming bees can be deadly to people and animals and should not be underestimated – do not try to remove a hive yourself, do not throw stones at it or poke it with a stick, and stop other people from doing so.