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Disaster Management

Fire emergencies: 044 801 6311
All after-hours emergencies: 044 801 6300
Joint Operation Centre (JOC): 044 801 8316 (open only during disaster situations)

Dedicated Disaster Management Official:
Chief Fire Officer – Fire, Rescue and Disaster Management:
Neels Barnard

Physical address: Fire Department, Mitchell Street (activated during major incidents only).

Click for the George Municipality Disaster Management Plan.

The George Municipality Disaster Management section identifies hazards, prevents or reduces risks of disaster and mitigates the severity or consequence of disasters. It ensures emergency preparedness, rapid and effective response during disaster, and provide for post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation. The section also facilitates the coordination of multidisciplinary services, municipal and other essential services and roleplayers during disaster as per the guidelines in the George Municipality Disaster and Emergency Plan.

What is a disaster?
A disaster is a progressive or sudden, widespread or localised, natural or human-caused incident that:

  • causes or threatens to cause: death, injury or disease,
  • damage to property, infrastructure or the environment, or
  • disruption of the life of a community, and
  • Is of a scale that exceeds the ability of those affected by the disaster to cope with the effects using only their own resources.

What is a Joint Operations Centre (JOC)?

  • A Joint Operations Centre (JOC) is a temporary base that is activated and set up to support the on-scene response during an escalating incident.
  • It is manned by trained and authorised personnel from different agencies and disciplines, who can coordinate response, provide direction and support, and secure additional resources.
  • Such a centre is equipped with mechanisms to communicate with the incident site and obtaining resources, staffed with the right people for the job, and provided with equipment appropriate to the level of the incident.

Disaster and Emergency Plan
The George Disaster and Emergency Plan outlines a plan of action for the efficient deployment, and coordination of municipal services, role players and personnel to provide the earliest possible response in order to:

  • Protect and preserve life and property
  • Minimise the effects of the emergency or disaster on the George Municipality and its services
  • Restore essential services