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Mayor visits Lawaaikamp Speelgroep ECD

Executive Mayor of George, Ald Leon van Wyk, and other councillors visited the Lawaaikamp Speelgroep Early Childhood Development centre in Lawaaikamp recently. The ECD boasts a garden on the premises. Ms. Katriena James, who is a teacher for pupils between the ages of 4 – 5, says they are using this garden to teach skills to the learners and want to possibly getting their parents involved. She says if they can grow their own vegetables, this could also be ploughed back into the ECD.
The ECD also uses leaves as composting materials for the garden.

Even though there are so many positives, Ms. James mentioned that the ECD is not without challenges, the number of pupils in attendance have lessened due to the pandemic. The ECD has also experienced break-ins; in recounting a few incidents, criminals have stolen the swings from the play park and tried to damage the kitchen (this is particularly disturbing as the pupils at this school are fed from the kitchen), cameras have been stolen as well. Another challenge is illegal dumping which occurs just outside of the ECD. Van Wyk said despite the challenges faced, the daily operation of this ECD continue. As a community we need to take our hats off to them.

Garden: The garden at the Lawaaikamp Speelgroep is in the beginning stages.

Visit: Ald Leon van Wyk with councillors and workers from Lawaaikamp Speelgroep during a visit to the early childhood development centre.

Kitchen: Katriena James (with red cap) shows off the kitchen to Cllr Erika Brown (left), Cllr Marlene Barnardt, Mayor Leon van Wyk and employees of George Municipality.