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Blowing out the fire

It’s not every day you see a leaf blower being used to extinguish a fire, but this nifty tool proved quite handy during a veld fire in George yesterday. Firefighters Shane Fisher and Joseph Fortuin (the one using the leaf blower in this video) were travelling in a non-dedicated vehicle – which means it is equipped with support equipment, not water – when they passed a small veld fire. The industrial strength blower, which is generally used at vehicle accident scenes to clear the road of debris, made quick work of killing the fire. The blower was bought during the drought in 2018 as an alternative, water-saving, fire extinguishing method in cases where fires are manageable without the use of much or any water. While one might think that a blower would fuel rather than extinguish a fire, the industrial strength blower is effective on a small fire in the same way one would blow out a candle – enough wind with enough force in a concentrated area.

Follow the link to see the video: