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Conville “informal” cricket pitch under discussion

Issued George Municipality, 16 August 2021

Caption: Executive Mayor Leon van Wyk visited the site of the Conville “informal” cricket pitch recently together with the Deputy Mayor, Charlotte Clarke and the Portfolio Councillor for Community Services, Sean Snyman to consider how this is dealt with going forward.

George Municipality is aware of the “informal” cricket pitch established recently in Conville on a piece of open municipal ground. The municipality recognizes that cricket is a favoured sport in this area, as well as the need for such amenities for the children of the area. However, the community needs to take cognizance of the due process that is meant to be followed in such matters. A piece of ground belonging to a government entity cannot be appropriated and changed in any way to suit the purposes of a few residents.
The Community Services Directorate has for a while been looking into establishing a multi-terrain sporting ground for the residents in this neighbourhood which would provide a fully functional and safe sporting terrain for the community i.e an all-terrain pitch which will allow for different types of sport to be played including cricket, 5-a-side soccer and so on.
Ald Van Wyk stressed that communities must follow due process in such instances and participate in ward committee meetings, raising their needs during public participation actions. “These processes are the link between the municipality and our residents, and we need the public to participate to be able to identify the best solution for this field and then take into account what the our residents are saying.
Standing on the field, you realise the risk to residents and their homes. This needs due process, so projects such as these, can be functional and address the needs of the community safely. The state this “informal pitch’ is in now, poses a safety threat to those who play on it as well. If a child were to fall and hurt themselves while playing on it, who would be responsible for this? We need community buy in for a sports terrain as well as a play park.”