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CWP Clean green team assisting George Municipal Cleansing team

CWP Clean green team assisting George Municipal Cleansing team

More than 200 workers from the Community Worker’s Programme of government are assigned to a clean and green project to assist the Community Services Directorate’s cleansing department. These workers work twice a week to pick up litter on sidewalks and illegal dumping sites. They are assigned to work in Rosemoor, Parkdene, Borcherds, Blanco, Uniondale and Pacaltsdorp. The Community Work Programme (CWP) was established to provide an employment safety net to eligible members of target communities by offering them a minimum number of regular days of work each month.

The governmental programme targets unemployed people. The stipends participants receive from the government programme supplement their existing livelihood means and provide them with a basic level of income security. They also assists those whose livelihood activities are insufficient to lift them out of abject poverty.

The programme provides them with extra cash to support them in their search for full-time or part-time employment. Programme participants do community work thereby contributing to improvements that benefit all community members.

1.The clean green team cleans in Rosedale.