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First ever Open Day for Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste in George a success

George Municipality’s first ever open day for the disposal of Household hazardous waste, at no cost to the consumer, was a great success with 110 members of the public making use of the service.
Mayor Leon van Wyk also made use of the service by dropping a box full of used light bulbs last Friday at the parking lot opposite the Outeniqua stadium. He encouraged Georgians to make use of this service in future.
“It’s very pleasing to see what citizens have brought in for disposal. You can be sure that every household has something to dispose of safely. This initiative will be repeated and we are looking to make it a regular event. The next open day will be held on 3 December 2021,” the Mayor said.
He asked residents to bring their old television sets, cables, paint tins, batteries, light bulbs and more to the next open day.
Sivuyile Mtila, Senior Manager: Environmental Services, said the municipality have had good feedback from the community and they are impressed by this initiative as it can be dangerous to keep household hazardous waste in your home.
Mtila thanked the community for the positive response and making use of the open day. The success of the day would not have been possible without the public responding to the call.
Items received were 210 liters of medical waste, a 2,4 meter long box with fluorescent tubes, 210 liters of household batteries, one ton of e-waste and 4 bale bags containing paint.
Items that are considered household hazardous waste that you can keep aside to discard properly at the next open day are:
• Motor oil, oil filters, brake fluid
• Used antifreeze
• Paint, paint thinner, turpentine
• Pesticides or herbicides
• Household batteries
• CRTs, old TVs, miscellaneous electronics
• Tyres
• Fluorescent tubes and Globes
• Household medical waste (needles and old medicine and tablets)
The following items are NOT accepted:
• Explosives
• Ammunition
• Radioactive Materials
• Controlled Substances
Additional Information
• Bring the items you wish to dispose of in a strong box preferably in their original, labeled containers.
• Do not EVER mix products together.
• Be prepared to leave your containers. Because of permitting requirements, and the volume of people that utilise the program.
This is your opportunity to get rid of these items at NO COST and at a convenient, nearby location.
For any enquiries, kindly contact Grace Notshokovu on 044 802 2917.

Haz 1: Sivuyile Mtila, Senior Manager: Environmental Services with a bunch of fluorescent lights that was discarded.
Haz2, haz3, haz6, haz 7, haz8,haz 9, haz12: All the household waste the public discarded at the open day.
Haz 5: Bev McDavid from Groenkloof came to discard used batteries at the open day and went back to fetch an old broken television set.
Haz10: At the open day receiving the goods from the public are in front, Yolanda Mali, Ethan Stoffels, Grace Notshokovu and Lorenze Gelderblom (LG E-Waste). At the back are Tanja Botha, Janine Fernold, Mayor Leon van Wyk, Wessel Robertson and Sivuyile Mtila. All officials are from Environmental Services, George Municipality.