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Garden Route Health platform update

25 January 2021


The Garden Route District has shown a 43% decline in new COVID-19 cases the past 7 days compared to 7-14 days previously as well as a decline in hospitalisations.


“We are optimistic about the decline in numbers but remain vigilant in order to contain any cluster outbreaks through responding as early as possible. We have to maintain our momentum of surveillance and monitoring as a Department but also rely on the community to keep up with the protective behaviours (wearing a mask at all times in public, avoiding crowded spaces, avoiding spaces with poor ventilation and maintaining social distancing) that has brought about the gains which we now see”, said District Director of Health Mr Zee Brickles.


Sub-district Total Active Recovered Died
Hessequa 1 806 239 1 483 84
Mossel Bay 7 041 347 6 498 196
George 11 322 549 10 400 373
Knysna 4 680 163 4 363 154
Bitou 2 624 119 2 402 103
Kannaland 768 109 631 28
Oudtshoorn 3 687 286 3 179 222
TOTAL 31 928 1 812 28 956 1 160



Increasing our protection through vaccination


It is estimated that 1 000 000 vaccines will be made available for all frontline workers in South Africa in January, including those in the public and private sector, care workers, community health workers, etc. A further 500 000 vaccines will be made available in South Africa in February.


The roll-out will be executed in a phased approach, with the first phase targeting healthcare workers. The second phase will target essential workers, people in congregate settings, persons older than 60 years, and persons older than 18 years with comorbidities. The third phase is envisioned to target people older than 18 years who has not been vaccinated during the first two phases.


Western Cape Government will play a stewardship role. Administration of these vaccines forms part of the vaccine roll-out strategy. The Department is working on this strategy, including the logistics thereof, with the input of private sector roleplayers. More engagements on the finer details of this plan will be made available once finalised. This is a massive operation that requires a multi-sectoral approach and the support of public, private and all parts of civil society.