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Junior City Council announces new Exco for 2021

Issued by George Municipality on 14 December 2020
The George Junior City Council had their election of the new executive committee for 2021 recently and the event was attended by the George Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Charlotte Clarke.
The function was held at the Outeniqua Bowling Club recently (2 November) and was also attended by the parents/family of the Junior City Councillors.
Cllr Clarke was the guest speaker at the event. She thanked the JCC members for their time and commitment and the exemplary manner in which they conducted themselves during the year.
Cllr Liz Stroebel, the Mayoral Representative who oversees the Junior City Council on behalf of the Mayor of George, introduced the new executive committee amidst great excitement.
Ludolph Pedro from York High School was appointed Junior Mayor, while Aine Ferreira from Outeniqua High school was appointed Deputy Mayor. The Speaker of the JCC is Mickhaya Kroon from York High School and the Deputy Speaker is Lindy Prinsloo from Glenwood House School. Brenco de Kock from George High School was appointed Municipal Manager.
Cllr Stroebel wished them well for 2021 and said she has been very impressed with the leadership quality of the executive committee since 2017. She said the voting process have always been a true reflection of a healthy democracy. She has no voting right and only has an oversight role.
She also congratulated each and every Junior City Councillor on their appointment for two years (first year as juniors and second year as seniors) and thanked them for their hard work and diligence. She said the JCC are true ambassadors as youth leaders of the City of George.
The highlight of 2020 for the JCC was a visit on 13th June to LOVE GEORGE, a non-profit organisation, that provided dry food parcels to more than 130 churches to re-distribute to people in need.
The executive committee of the JCC also attended the George Annual Old Car Show.
Despite Covid-19, the JCC undertook the following projects (out of their own pockets), making of masks for the George Provincial Hospital, Kretzenshoop Primary School in Blanco and for Phambili Refuge in Rosemoor for battered women and their children. They conducted a beach clean-up and the Junior Mayor attended a Women Awareness event at the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM).They were involved with events at Môreson children’s home, making of Echo bricks, at Odin Animal Shelter, meals on Wheels and the Junior Mayor, Inile du Toit delivered a speech during Women’s Month at the GRDM which was televised.


Deputy Mayor: Deputy Executive Mayor of George, Cllr Charlotte Clarke (middle right) and Cllr Liz Stroebel (middle left) at the election of the new George Junior City Council executive. From left are, Lindy Prinsloo, (Glenwood House School – Deputy Speaker 2021), Abigail Minnies, (Glenwood House School) – Deputy Speaker 2020, Mickhaya Kroon, (York High School) – Speaker 2021,

Jalaser Bosman, (York High School)– Speaker 2020. Inilé du Toit, (Glenwood House School) – Mayor 2020, Cllr Stroebel, Cllr Clarke, Ludolph Pedro, (York High School)– Mayor 2021, Caitlin Potgieter, (Outeniqua High School) – Deputy Mayor 2020, Aine Ferreira, (Outeniqua High School) – Deputy Mayor 2021, Haydn Wentzel, (York High School) – Municipal Manager 2020, Brenco de Kock, (George High School)– Municipal Manager 2021.