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New George Junior City Council announced and “Tannie Liza” says goodbye

The 2021 George Junior City Council (JCC) held its last official event Wednesday, 27 October with the Executive Mayor of George, Ald Leon van Wyk and Cllr Liza Stroebel in attendance and announcing the new executive committee of the JCC for 2022.

The function was held at the George Methodist Church Hall and was attended by the parents of the Junior City Councillors.
Ald Van Wyk said in his address, he has been enormously impressed with the leadership qualities the junior council has shown during their tenor in council the last year. “I inherited a substantial challenge to lead the turnaround of our municipality and to restore a high standard of service delivery to our ratepayers. I want to thank my colleague, Cllr Stroebel, for the role she has undertaken on behalf of our George Council in mentoring you,” Ald Van Wyk said.

He said we live in a country that faces enormous challenges – we live in crisis – in an environment where the government has seemingly lost its way through lack of leadership. He said the members of the JCC are some of the young leaders that will have to craft philosophies and skills that will enable them to tackle the changes, challenges, and adversity and the opportunities that will result.

He thanked the JCC for outstanding leadership roles displayed and for becoming involved and making a difference in civic duties. He also thanked the parents and teachers of the youngsters for their encouragement.
Cllr Liza Stroebel, (affectionately known by the JCC members as “Tannie Liza”) the Mayoral Representative who oversees the Junior City Council on behalf of the Mayor of George, has served her last term in Council and said this moment is bittersweet.
She said the leadership qualities of the JCC members displayed the past few years, gives her tremendous hope for our youth. She honoured God for His grace in allowing her this opportunity. She said she will never forget all the greatness that was achieved through and by the JCC. She said God shared with her a message when she started out in her overseeing role saying to her, “learn, love, serve.”
She asked the audience to take these words with them. “Learn as much as you can … to show yourself approved,
Love as much as you can…to gain love in return,
And Serve as much as you can… to reap your harvest.
Ludolph Pedro and McKaya Kroon both made magnificent speeches about their tenor in the JCC about how they grew as human beings, how being involved in helping with civic issues groomed them for the future and how the JCC members became a family and friends for life.

JCC3: The old and the new Executive Committee of the George Junior Council with Executive Mayor of George, Alderman Leon van Wyk and Cllr Liza Stroebel. In front from left are: Carla Kruger (Outeniqua High School – Deputy Mayor 2022), Mayor Van Wyk, Cllr Liza Stroebel, Ruan Coetzee (Outeniqua High School – JCC Mayor 2022).
At the back are: Aine Ferreira – (Outeniqua High School – Deputy Mayor 2021), Inga Jijingubo (York High School – JCC Municipal Manager 2022), Clara Campbell (Glenwood House -Deputy Speaker 2022), Lindy Prinsloo (Glenwood House- Deputy Speaker 2021), McKaya Kroon (York High School – Speaker 2021), Jordan Meyer (York High School – Speaker 2022) and Ludolph Pedro (York High School- Mayor 2021). Absent: Brenco de Kock (George High School – Municipal Manager 2021).

Jcc2: Ludolph Pedro (York High School- Mayor 2021) drapes the ceremonial mayoral chain around Ruan Coetzee (Outeniqua High School – JCC Mayor 2022).

Jcc5: The new JCC executive committee are in front from left: Carla Kruger (Outeniqua High School – Deputy Mayor 2022), Mayor Van Wyk, Cllr Liza Stroebel, Ruan Coetzee (Outeniqua High School – JCC Mayor 2022).
At the back are Clara Campbell (Glenwood House -Deputy Speaker 2022) Inga Jijingubo (York High School – Municipal Manager and Jordan Meyer (York High School – Speaker 2022).