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Alien Invasive Plant Awareness Campaign: Ipomoea indica/alba/purpurea/hederifolia

Municipal Plant of the Month – Ipomoea indica/alba/purpurea/hederifolia: All species have been classified as invasive in South Africa. Commonly they are known as the Morning Glory. Nearly all species of these plants are perennial and have tenacious vines bearing purple, blue, scarlet, white (moonflower) and pink flowers which open each morning and fade at night.

All Ipomoea tolerate a wide range of average to poor soil and sunny to partial shade conditions. The leaves are heart-shaped, bright green and sparsely hairy.
It spreads by seed.

Invasive status: Listed as a Category 1b (NEMBA), this creeper invades woodlands, waste areas, arable land, roadsides, riverbanks and coastal dunes. It is a habitat transformer as it scrambles over and competes with other species.
Control: It is extremely difficult to control. All plants must be systematically uprooted and destroyed. No specific herbicides are registered. Regular follow-up is essential.

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