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Construction Work at Victoria and Mitchell Streets

Construction Work at Victoria and Mitchell Streets

Residents and businesses are advised that there will be construction work taking place along the road reserves of parts of Victoria and Mitchell Streets as highlighted in red on the attached aerial photo from the beginning of March 2024 to the end of June 2024.

This work is required for the upgrading of the existing 11kV cable. It will include trenching and backfilling, and breaking up and repairing tarred, concrete or brick paved driveways and parking lots. It will be ensured that trenching across driveways is re-instated the same day. Trenching across parking lots will be done in sections.

Direct notices will be given, and arrangements made in person a week in advance to residents and businesses whose driveways and/or parking lots are going to be directly affected.

The Municipality apologises for the inconvenience and thanks all residents for their co-operation.

PROJECT ENQUIRIES: Mr Mzwanele Gatyeni– 044 874 3917