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UPDATE 8: Safety and access to the beaches take priority as cleanup and damage assessments continue

Video: Clean-Up Operations Underway in Herolds Bay 

Issued by George Municipality, 19 September 2023 @13:10

George Municipality is working hard to ensure the safety of its residents following the high spring tides that hit the coastal areas of George over the past weekend. Clean-up efforts are in full swing, and damage assessments have been focused on water pipes for potable water supply and electrical components. Below, we give an overview of the damages at the various beaches in George.

Herold’s Bay suffered extensive damage to Municipal infrastructure and private properties. The value of the damages is still being determined as clean-up operations continue. The sewerage pump station was affected, stand-by generators flooded and bridges, roadways, sidewalks and retaining walls were damaged. Sand deposits in the roadway are making access difficult and are being dealt with. Alternative Sewerage arrangements are already done to ensure and prevent a breach.

Vitoria Bay Beach suffered moderate damages to Municipal infrastructure and private properties. Ablution buildings were flooded and retaining walls and sidewalks were damaged. Residential buildings have damage to gates and garage doors and some water flooding. Steps to the beach have been destroyed. The public should be cautious.

Gwaing River’s Lifeguard tower was damaged and concrete pillars were unearthed.

Wilderness had some infrastructure damage to the Leentjies Braai area/recreational sites, some sand deposits on the N2 bridge, and minor damage to private properties. Also, damage to signage and wood structures

All the above beaches are still closed to the public for recreational use to allow for clean-up and damage assessments. The municipality is doing everything possible to ensure that residents and visitors have access to the area as soon as possible.