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Workers’ Collection Point Update

Workers’ Collection Point

The Workers Collection Point (WCP) which is situated on 12 Industrial Street, George Industrial was established for private individuals and businesses to utilise as a central point for those who wish to employ temporary workers and for job seekers to avail themselves of employment opportunities.

The George Municipality requests that employers in George and people looking for employment fully utilise this facility. The WCP is the only authorised place for job seekers and pick-up of job seekers. The WCP is staffed by officials from the George Municipality’s Economic Development Department. What makes the WCP reliable and safe for both job seekers and employers – is that it is run professionally – with the registration of job seekers, capturing their personal information including names, identification documents and addresses as well as details of the employers to ensure adequate management of the whole process.

The WCP building will undergo renovations until mid-March, therefore the registration and data capturing have been temporarily suspended. Job seekers and employers currently only sign in and out through security. The full operations will resume from 18 March 2024. However, employers and job seekers are still encouraged to utilise the centre as the operating times have not changed.

The WCP is situated at 12 Industrial Street, George Industrial and operates between 07:45 and 15:00, Monday to Friday. For enquiries, please phone the office on 044 801 9462.