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Update: Covid-19 figures for Garden Route – 27 November 2020

27 November 2020


Over the past 7 days the Garden Route has seen a 117% increase in new COVID-19 cases and 96% increase in deaths over the last seven days and urge the residents to remain cautious and vigilant.

After recording 1 282 new cases and 25 new deaths over the past seven days, all areas in the Garden Route are of great concern. As we have seen during the first wave of infections, once community transmission is established within communities, especially in the Garden Route as a prime tourist destination, the situation can quickly deteriorate if not brought under control soon.



A closer look into the Garden Route subdistrict shows the areas where we have seen a significant increase in new cases over the past seven days:



New cases per subdistrict in the Garden Route:

Area Active cases 14 days ago Active cases seven days ago Percentage increase
Bitou 142 278 96%
George 498 995 100%
Hessequa 28 58 107%
Kannaland 0 21 2100%
Knysna 206 489 137%
Mossel Bay 189 414 119%
Oudtshoorn 37 127 243%
Garden Route 1100 2382 117%


New deaths

Area Active cases 14 days ago Active cases seven days ago Percentage increase
Bitou 6 6 0%
George 7 18 157%
Hessequa 0 4 400%
Kannaland 0 0 0
Knysna 2 3 50%
Mossel Bay 2 11 450%
Oudtshoorn 9 9 0%
Garden Route 26 51 96%


We call on the citizens of each of these subdistricts and as a collective to do their part so we can bring the situation under control again. We all have a role to play through our own actions.

Our behaviour will be influenced once we acknowledge and accept that the virus is not gone but will be with us over the holidays and beyond. Therefore, we need to remain safe and protect each other by:

  • Wearing a mask properly is of life-saving importance. You must wear your masks at all times when outside of your home. There can be no exceptions.
  • You must avoid crowded and confined spaces at all costs. This is where super-spreader events take place.
  • You must urgently reconsider hosting all non-essential gatherings of people this year, especially indoor gatherings with poor ventilation.
  • You must ensure there is good ventilation at all times whenever you’re in public. The virus droplets spread by air in confined spaces, and so fresher is better.
  • You must wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use sanitiser.
  • If you feel sick, you should not leave your home unless it is to get healthcare treatment. You must first call our hotline on 080 928 4102 for guidance on the next steps.
  • You should also not visit someone who is sick, and find other ways to provide support, like delivering a meal to a neighbour’s doorstep.

Every single resident should assume that Covid-19 is everywhere they go and take all the necessary precautions at every point along their journey.