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55 750 bags of illegally dumped refuse collected in one month!

Assisting EPWP workers, Cindy Potts, Sue-ne Jacobs and Theresa Snyman was Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Parks, Refuse and Environment, Theresa Jeyi.

In the final week of Illegal Dumping Awareness Month, our Community Services cleaning teams have collected another 13 100 bags of illegally dumped rubbish bringing the grand total to an astonishing 55 750 bags collected for the month of February. Areas cleared this week include Rosemoor (Beer Street); Blanco (Steepkoppie Street, near the Cemetery, Main Entrance and Golden Valley Street) and five Tyre and Beautification Projects were finalised in Rosedale, Parkdene, Rosemoor and Thembalethu. Municipal Law Enforcement officials have continued patrolling hot spots and issued another R4000 in fines and three warnings. The fine for being caught illegal dumping is R1000.

Tanja Botha (Environmental Health Practitioner) and EPWP workers with the Hazardous Waste collected on Friday 23 February.

The Hazardous Waste Open Day held on Friday 23 February was a resounding success with Microwaves, Vacuum cleaners, TV’s, irons, computers, printers, ink cartridges, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lights, small gas bottles, cell phones, power banks, alarm batteries, A4 batteries, paint, thinners, motor oil, poison, herbicide and pesticide clock radios and radios, CD’s, tape gazettes and medical waste handed in. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for our next Hazardous Waste Open Day due to be held in May 2024.


Law Enforcement Officers Verona Botha and Nicole Smith issuing fines in Rotary Street, Parkdene.

Municipal Manager Dr Michele Gratz extended her thanks and congratulations to the teams who have worked so hard this month to clear the illegal dump hot spots. “We really need cooperation from everyone to keep their communities clean and hope that the tyre beautification projects which encourage the growing of plants will stop people from repeatedly dumping at the same places. There are over 97 illegal dumping hot spots that have been identified by the Directorate Community Services and it is impossible to monitor all of them. We ask the public to assist by not only reporting illegal dumping but also to put their waste into refuse bags and keep them at their house until their refuse collection day.”

Report Illegal Dumping
Help the municipality to curb illegal dumping by spreading the news in your community that the dumping of waste is dangerous and a health hazard. Waste should be collected in refuse bags and placed for collection on waste removal days. Builders’ rubble and waste not suitable for bags must be dropped at the municipal refuse site on the R102 (airport road). If you can provide names, vehicle registration details or addresses of alleged perpetrators who have dumped illegally and you are willing to make a statement in this regard, please report it to Law Enforcement at 044 801 6350 or You don’t need a photograph of the perpetrator, but it will strengthen the case for a warning or fine to be issued.