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A joint outreach with Police encourages healthy lifestyles to people living on the streets

On the photo from left to right: Janine Adams (Department Social Service), Constable Louw, Sergeant Hendricks and Estelle Fredericks (George Municipality).

The George Municipality’s Community Development team in conjunction with the Provincial South African Police Service took to the streets of George to reach out to People Living on the Streets (PLOTS).

This was a Provincial SAPS initiative in collaboration with the Municipal Community Development team, that comprised an information session with Women living on the streets who were supplied with toiletries as an additional treat. The Municipality gave toiletries to the ladies and prepared catering for the day.

The information session was aimed at creating awareness of Healthy Lifestyles as well as sharing and demonstrating self-defence lessons to the women who are alone on the streets, most often with no recourse to personal safety.

The information session took place on 28 July 2023 at the George Police Station in the Heatherlands. Women living on the street were also motivated to leave the street life and go home.

Recipients of toiletries George Police Station