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Appreciation Braai for George Municipality Seasonal Workers

Herolds Bay team

On Thursday, 18 January 2024, George Municipality’s leadership and management organised a braai to express gratitude to approximately 150 municipal officials and seasonal workers for their hard work and dedication during the recent festive season.

The group, consisting of cleaning staff, NSRI life savers, law enforcement, and general workers, was celebrated by George Mayor, the Municipal Manager, and other councillors for their exceptional efforts. Three appreciation braais were held at Herolds Bay, Victoria Bay, and Wilderness beaches. In a spirit of servanthood, councillors, and the municipal manager personally prepared and served the officials. Executive Mayor Alderman Leon van Wyk distributed boerie rolls, and the Chief Whip of the Council served ice cream.

Mayor van Wyk highlighted the importance of servant leadership, saying, “We showed our appreciation to the seasonal workers who worked at our beaches over the last few weeks to ensure a bumper holiday season. I believe in servant leadership. It was great to see fellow councillors treating the staff and manning the braais.”

Each worker received a certificate of appreciation from Mayor van Wyk and the Municipal Manager, Dr Michele Gratz. Contracted seasonal staff, along with permanent officials, played crucial roles in cleaning beaches, ensuring safety for visitors and locals, maintaining facilities, and controlling traffic hotspots to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

Mayor van Wyk commended their outstanding work, emphasising their contribution to attracting tourists, boosting the economy, and ultimately creating jobs. The region experienced a bumper season, providing a significant economic boost, with several community markets reporting strong sales during December.

Wilderness team
Victoria Bay team
Victoria Bay Team
Each worker received a certificate of appreciation from the Municipal Manager, Dr Michele Gratz
Each worker received a certificate from the Municipal Manager, Dr Gratz