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City of George, proud hosts of hundreds of swimmers from the province

MEDIA RELEASE: City of George, proud hosts of hundreds of swimmers from the province

Issued by the George Municipality, 23 March 2022

One of the highlights in the sports and tourism this past long weekend, of which the City of George is proud, was the successful hosting of the SA Regional Level 3 Swimming Gala at the Conville Swimming Pool from 17 – 20 March 2022, with 350 participants from all over the Western Cape.

The City of George embraces the honour to be the host of several great sporting events, of which the Swimming Gala has recently joined in.  The executive mayor of George, Ald Leon van Wyk, officially opened the Swimming Gala, welcoming hundreds of participants, and visitors to George. Mayor van Wyk was accompanied by the members of the executive mayoral committee and the acting municipal manager, Dr Michelle Gratz to the Swimming Gala.

“At present, George is fortunate in attracting many visitors who are participating in numerous sporting and other events, such as this major provincial swimming gala,” said Ald van Wyk. “We are looking forward to hosting many more events of this calibre, and we are committed to ensuring that our sports facilities are of a high standard.”

“We would like to congratulate our staff for having risen to the occasion when George had to jump in to be the host of the swimming gala’s, especially considering that the Municipality had a very short time to prepare for the events,” mayor Wyk added.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be welcoming thousands of school learners who will be participating in different events that have attracted entries from across the country who will be utilising our various facilities,” he said.

“Following the successful Cape Town Cycle event, a comment was made that we should be hosting a similar event here in George. This comment echoes our philosophy to regularly hold events in George that will generate tourism spending for our local economy and add to employment levels.”

In his conclusion, mayor van Wyk encouraged sports federations to make George a place of choice for events, every weekend to attract visitors to help build tourism occupancy rates. “George is already hosting many cycling and running events. Nothing stops us from turning some of these events into iconic annual events of national significance through some tweaking. Many of our citizens are passionately involved in diverse activities or hobbies that could be developed into regular events or learning experiences, such as crafts, artists, bridge, winter schools.”