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Draft Electricity Supply By-Law

The draft Electricity Supply by-law was provisionally approved by Council on 20 April 2023 and a public participation process was also approved. The main purpose of the by-law is to supplement the Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 (Act 4 of 2006) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act 85 of 1993) issued to regulate the supply of electricity within the George Municipality jurisdictional area.

The objective of the by-law is to improve organizational efficiency and articulate the rules concerning the processes and practices in the electricity supply that are otherwise not expressed in the Act, thereby providing additional clarity on the aspects addressed in the draft by-law.

The proposed by-law elaborates and provides clarity on the following aspects pertaining to electricity supply including;
• approval required for all small scale embedded generation;
• unauthorized connections and reconnections;
• notified maximum demand;
• offences and penalties;
• and appeals.

The draft Electricity Supply By-Law Notice will be published in the George Herald, on the Municipal Website and municipal social media sites. Follow this link to find the draft by-law on our website. Hard copies will be provided at all public libraries in George for review. Feedback is required by no later than 12 June 2023. Comments and inputs can be emailed to, phoned in to 044 801 9148 or submitted in person at the George Electrotechnical Services Offices, Brick Road, George Industria.

Enquiries to Edward Nqumse and copy Nolubabalo Jikija

Promulgated in Western Cape Provincial Gazette
A municipal by-law may be enforced only after it has been published in the official gazette of the Western Cape Province on request of the local municipality. The promulgated by-law is then uploaded to the municipal website for easy access by the public. Transgression of a by -law is treated the same as a normal law, if you break a by-law, you can be fined or prosecuted. Most transgressions are handled in the George Municipal Court.

Issued on Behalf of George Municipal Communications Department, Office of the Municipal Manager