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Empowering Businesses with Instant Data Insights – new  Bulk Meter Access Portal for George!

In the contemporary business landscape, the significance of real-time data and transparency has transcended convenience, expanding into the realm of operational optimisation, cost prediction, and the avoidance of unforeseen financial surprises. In light of this, the George Municipality is proud to introduce its Bulk Meter Access Portal. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive view of their electricity consumption, enabling informed decision-making and driving enhanced profitability.

In today’s business world, having up-to-the-minute information is critical to success. That’s why George Municipality is excited to unveil the Bulk Meter Access Portal. This powerful tool helps businesses keep a close eye on their electricity use and make smarter decisions, ultimately boosting profits.

According to Mr. Bongani Mandla, the director of electrotechnical services at George Municipality, this new portal lets businesses, that is our bulk and SSEG customers registered with the municipality, see precisely how much electricity they’re using whenever they want.

“Imagine having a dashboard that shows not only how much electricity is being consumed right now, but also how much was used in the past. This helps companies plan better and avoid surprises in their bills,” says Mandla

This new portal is made possible by Open Access Energy. George Municipality was the first electricity provider in the country to pilot Amptera, Open Access Energy’s freely licensed software solution that automates the reading, processing, and billing of electricity smart meter data.

Easy Access for Property Owners

This portal is designed for property owners in the George Municipality area who use bulk meters. Getting started is a breeze. Just go to and fill out a short form.

Top-Notch Security

“Making sure your information is safe is a big deal,” says Gerjo Hoffman, Chief-Executive-Officer and co-founder of Open Access Energy, the company that developed this software solution.

“We’ve set up a super strong security system. It’s like the security systems banks use to keep your money safe,” says Hoffman.  When signing up another email will explain next steps to follow.

Seeing Your Electricity Info

Once the unique key has been received and activated, customers can use it to unlock the portal at Inside, they’ll find a bunch of great helpful information. They can see how much electricity they’ve used over time, including right now. They can also check how much their bill will be for the month. If they need info about other meters, they can request that too.

Getting Help Fast

George Municipality wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. If customers have any problems or are not receiving the emails mentioned above, they can contact Derek Baxter on for assistance.

Making Better Choices with Data

In today’s world, knowing your numbers is super important. That’s where the Bulk Meter Access Portal comes in. It gives businesses all the necessary information to use electricity wisely and save money. Instead of just guessing, companies can now make decisions based on actual facts.