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George alternative energy system used as training example for others

George Municipality’s metering and billing system for alternative energy sources is being used in national training as a good example for other municipalities in the country to follow.

Electrotechnical Services Director Bongani Mandla said installation of alternative energy sources, also known as small scale embedded generation (SSEG) systems, had steadily increased in the region over the past few years. “The need had arisen for a system that could take on metered energy and possibly compensate consumers with financial credit for excess energy fed back into the municipal electricity grid.

“George Municipality’s electrotechnical measurements section has over the past few years successfully implemented bidirectional metering and time-of-use tariffs at registered SSEG sites, mostly solar energy plants, in the George municipal area.”

George is one of very few B-type municipalities in the country to have implemented such a metering and billing system successfully, which is now being used in a national SSEG training course on the national SSEG Municipal Resource Portal as an example to other municipalities on how to introduce such systems into their distribution networks. The Resource Portal is backed by Sustainable Energy Africa, CSIR, GIZ and SALGA, which makes the achievement even more commendable.

Mr Mandla commended the measurements section and in particular senior engineering technician Adam Willems and manager measurements Derek Baxter, for their dedication to implement this system.

“We are proud to be at the forefront in implementing a new system that enhances service delivery and contributes to long-term sustainability and responsible resource management. We believe it is important for municipalities to allow SSEG customers onto their system and hope our example will inspire others to follow,” said Mr Mandla.

More information about the registration of SSEGs and related information is available on the municipal website at

In the photograph: The dedication of senior engineering technician Adam Willems (left) and manager measurements Derek Baxter (right) was key to the successful implementation of the SSEG system, under the management of deputy director engineering services Kobus Wilken.