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George backs an Olympic Medallist – Bianca gets Silver at TOKYO OLYMPIC GAMES

George Municipality is absolutely thrilled at the news that local surfer Bianca Buitendag, has won a Silver medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The municipality extended financial assistance to Bianca in a bid to support our local sporting talent and to shine a light on Victoria Bay as a premier surfing destination.

Portfolio Councillor for Strategic Services, Dirk Wessels could hardly contain his delight at the news of Bianca’s medal placement  today. “I felt as though the whole of South Africa was watching her this morning, I received tons of calls and messages.  For George Municipality to have an ambassador of Bianca’s calibre is amazing and proves that world champions are among us. She is very much an inspiration to all of our local surfers and  local sports people and it shows what hard work and dedication can do. We are extremely proud as George Municipality to have collaborated with Bianca,  and look forward to working with her and creating more local champions, “ he said.

Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk expressed his pride of Bianca’s achievement. “It is a pure testament to her skills and abilities that she has won this Silver medal. We look forward to welcoming her back to George when she arrives. She has been an excellent ambassador for George and will certainly help in placing Victoria Bay,  and George on the international surfing map. We certainly need to work towards ensuring that regular surfing events and competitions are held at Victoria Bay, to give it the exposure it deserves.”

“Our backing of Bianca as an athlete was a strategic decision taken to implement a less traditional method of marketing from a tourism perspective for George Municipality.  We are thrilled that our assistance played a small part in her Olympic success. Bianca faced excellent opponents in her run up to the finals this morning and her skill and determination shone throughout the competition. Thanks Bianca, we can’t wait to celebrate when you get back to South Africa and George!, “ said Joan Shaw, Tourism Manager.

Buitendag ‘cut her teeth’ surfing at Victoria Bay, known for its high performance waves and right hand break and home to the World Surf League qualifier, the Vic Bay Classic.