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George Fire Brigade Acquires State-of-the-Art Fire Engine to Meet City’s Growing Needs

George Fire officials in front of their new state of the art fire engine. In the centre of the back row are Johan Crause (Station Commander); Neels Barnard (Fire Chief), Dr Michele Gratz (Municipal Manager); Johan Brand (Divisional Commander and Santa Sternsdorf (Station Commander). Kneeling in front with fire officials is Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk.

 Today marked a momentous occasion for the George Fire Brigade as they proudly welcomed a brand-new Fire Engine into their fleet, sourced from Scania, a renowned leader in transportation solutions. The vehicle underwent a remarkable transformation into a Fire Engine by Rosenbauer South Africa, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques. This new Fire Engine is equipped with a major pumper featuring a built-in foam system, specifically designed to combat high-hazard flammable liquid fires such as gasoline, oil, and jet fuel, ensuring enhanced effectiveness and safety during firefighting operations.

As the urban landscape of George continues to evolve and expand, so does the demand for exceptional fire and disaster services. Recognizing this imperative, the acquisition of this advanced Fire Engine reflects the commitment of George Fire and Disaster Management Services to meet the evolving needs of a smart city and to uphold legislative requirements aimed at protecting residents. Director for Community Safety, Dawie Adonis, was presented with the key to the vehicle during a prestigious event hosted by the George Fire Brigade, attended by the Executive Mayor, Leon Van Wyk, MAYCO Members, Municipal Manager Dr Gratz, Directors, and distinguished guests from Rosenbauer and Scania.

Executive Mayor, Leon Van Wyk expressed his pride in the municipality taking ownership of a Rosenbauer major pumper fire tender built onto a Scania chassis. “Both of George and Rosenbauer are steeped in histories of over 200 and 150 years respectively. It is therefore fitting for George to have acquired the newest fire technology and equipment available from a world leader. We are blessed with a top-notch fire and emergency services team that are professional, alert, prepared and constantly focussed to be ahead of the game,” he said.

Highlighting the significance of this acquisition, Adonis emphasized the importance of embracing technological advancements to effectively combat modern fires, both in urban developments and the surrounding wildlands cherished by the community. “Our fire officials will undergo comprehensive training conducted by Rosenbauer technicians as well as the brigade’s own training officials to ensure proficient and reliable use of the equipment,” Adonis stated.

Reflecting on the journey leading to this acquisition, George Fire Chief, Neels Barnard, recalled the humble beginnings of the George Fire Brigade’s first Rosenbauer pump in 1989, emphasizing its continued reliability and service to the community. Overcoming financial obstacles and navigating procurement processes and regulations, the Fire Brigade has persevered to procure the new vehicle, knowing it will play a vital role in saving lives and protecting property for years to come.

“The addition of this state-of-the-art Fire Engine underscores the George Fire Brigade’s unwavering commitment to excellence in service delivery and community safety, ushering in a new era of firefighting capabilities for the city of George,” Barnard said.

Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk and Municipal Manager Dr Michele Gratz taking a look at the drivers cabin of the new major pumper.

From left Station Commander Santa Sternsdorf, Director Community Services and Safety Dawie Adonis, Cllr Johan Du Toit, Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk and Municipal Manager Dr Gratz holding the ceremonial key, Portfolio Cllr for Community Safety Marais Kruger, Portfolio Cllr for Community Services: Social Development, Libraries, Sport and Customer Care Brendan Adams, Chief Whip Marlene Barnard, Portfolio Cllr Civil Engineering Services: Capital Projects and BFI Johan Stander, Divisional Commander Johan Brand and Portfolio Cllr Community Services: Refuse, Environment and Parks) Theresa Jeyi.