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George Municipal Internal Audit Department Launches International Internal Audit Awareness Month

May marks International Internal Audit Awareness Month, a time dedicated to recognising the vital role of internal audit professionals and elevating the profession’s visibility. The Internal Audit Department at George Municipality is proud to participate in this global initiative by launching an awareness campaign to showcase the value-added role of internal audit within the organisation.

Led by Mr JP Rossouw, Chief Audit Executive, the George Internal Audit Team is enthusiastic about promoting the importance of internal audit and encouraging young South Africans to consider a career in this field. As guardians of good governance and risk management, internal auditors play a crucial role in enhancing processes and adding value to organisations.

Throughout May, the Internal Audit Department will collaborate with the Media Office to publish informative content on the municipal social media platforms. This content will highlight the role and responsibilities of internal audit, as well as address frequently asked questions to increase awareness and understanding.

In addition to informative content, the Internal Audit Department will host weekly competitions with exciting prizes for participants. Questions related to internal audit will be circulated to all users via a provided link, inviting everyone to participate and engage in celebrating International Internal Audit Awareness Month.

• Jean-Pierre Rossouw (Chief Audit Executive)
• Heybré Ellis (Manager: Internal Audit)
• Zimasa Bulo (Senior Internal Auditor)
• Kloper Mabunda (Internal Auditor)
• Natacha Martins (IA Intern)
• Xolisile Sotushe (IA Intern)
• Jomeila Apollis (IA Intern)

The Internal Audit Department welcomes inquiries and encourages individuals to reach out for further information about the role and responsibilities of internal audit.

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