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George Municipality Addresses Increasing Electrical Infrastructure Vandalism in Greater George

The George Municipality is deeply concerned about the escalating incidents of electrical infrastructure vandalism within the greater George area. With the recent implementation of load-shedding, these acts of vandalism have significantly intensified, posing a serious threat to the overall functioning of the municipality.

The Electrotechnical Directorate of the George Municipality has reported a distressing rise in the number of cases registered at various South African Police Stations (SAPS) within town. In excess of 200 theft and vandalism related cases have been reported since the beginning of the 2022/2023 Budget year. The directorate had 81 open cases in the 2021/2022 Budget year, which shows an increase in cases of 119. These are just those cases that George Municipality has decided on pursuing, while the number of incidents runs to over 1000 a year. These criminal activities not only disrupt the provision of essential services but also leave entire communities without electricity for extended periods, causing untold hardship and inconvenience.

According to Bongani Mandla, Director: Electrotechnical Services, the impact of these thefts and acts of vandalism is far-reaching, affecting crucial service delivery to our valued community members. The municipality recognizes the severe consequences, and all stakeholders must join forces in addressing this pressing issue.

In light of these challenges, the George Municipality urgently appeals to the community for their unwavering cooperation and support in curbing electrical infrastructure vandalism. It is time for us all to unite and take a stand against these unlawful activities that undermine the well-being and progress of our town. “We implore community members to act as vigilant watchdogs and report any suspicious activities or wrongdoing they observe within their neighbourhoods’. By doing so, we can enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts and protect our vital electrical infrastructure from further damage,” Mandla said.

The municipality earnestly requests that the community refrains from turning a blind eye to these incidents and instead report any acts of theft, vandalism, or tampering directly to the relevant authorities. By reporting such incidents promptly, we can work together to bring the perpetrators to justice and safeguard the smooth operation of our electrical infrastructure.

The George Municipality is committed to exploring all available avenues to combat electrical infrastructure vandalism, including collaborating with law enforcement agencies, implementing enhanced security measures, and educating the community about the grave consequences of these criminal acts.
We believe that by fostering a sense of unity and collective responsibility, we can successfully overcome the challenges posed by electrical infrastructure vandalism and ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply for all residents of the greater George area.

Vandalism is a crime and ultimately costs all ratepayers money. Please report people tampering, painting graffiti (vandalism), damaging or stealing municipal property with your nearest SAPS office, as well as George Municipality Law Enforcement (044 801 6350 or 044 801 6300 after hours) as soon as you see it happening. If you can take pictures of the culprits in the act without endangering yourself, it will help a lot.
Thank you in advance for helping us protect our infrastructure.

Photographs attached are of cut cables, vandalism and illegal connections all over George.