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George Municipality assisting homeless in sewing project to create a safer and better future

In the photo above Estelle Fredericks, Social Auxiliary Worker in the Community Development Services department, showcasing the products created by the workgroup. The assortment includes bags of various sizes and shapes, as well as indoor and outdoor aprons for braaiing, available for purchase at the Community Development office located at the corner of Varing and St. John’s Streets in town.

The George Municipality has initiated a work project for a segment of the homeless population, training them in sewing. Their first products now available for purchase, including beautiful handbags, sling bags, indoor, and outdoor aprons for braaiing, have been crafted using donated materials with the assistance of a single sewing machine.

Estelle Fredericks, a Social Auxiliary Worker in the Community Development Services department at George Municipality, stated that although the group of seven participants remained homeless, they convened every workday at the community development offices to engage in their projects. Fredericks emphasized that the project aims to support the group economically and eventually facilitate their transition from the streets. Profits from sales will be reinvested to purchase a second sewing machine, enabling more homeless individuals to join and learn to create products. Additionally, the department is in the process of launching a woodwork project to complement the sewing initiative, thereby expanding the range of products available for sale.

Members of the public interested in purchasing any of the products are encouraged to visit the Community Development offices located at the intersection of Varing and St John’s Street. Purchases can be made directly from the participants during their work hours, or customers can discuss their own design preferences and place custom orders. Apart from handbags and aprons, the group also offers curtain production and clothing repair and alteration services.

For further inquiries regarding purchasing items or donating materials, please contact Estelle Fredericks at 044 802 2000.