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George Municipality assists fellow municipalities

George Municipality has in the past two weeks assisted Hessequa Municipality as well as Knysna Municipality with water-related issues. George Fire Brigade sent our 35,000-liter stainless steel water tanker to Heidelberg last week after they experienced issues with a reservoir that ran dry.

Seen here before departing the Civils Depot are Water Tanker 1 with from left Neville Olyn, Cebisa Mabophe (EPWP) and Simthanda Mjucu

Water was moved from Riversdale to Heidelberg by Fire Officials Johan Troskie and Wilton Oktober who worked throughout the night to finish filling the reservoir. The tanker is fitted with a pump that can extract water from sources and can deliver 2200 litres per minute at 10 Bar. On the road the 18-metre (13-metre tanker pulled by a five-metre truck), 22-wheeler vehicle is an impressive site and requires an advanced EC-driver’s licence for articulated vehicles.

This weekend the fire tanker again managed by Fire Officials Johan Troskie and Wilton Oktober assisted in Knysna following the decommissioning of the Khayalethu Dam which underwent a cleaning operation. Our Civil Engineering Department sent two teams with two water trucks through to assist as well with delivering of water to Knysna communities during the cleaning process.

Tanker 2 manned by from left Shando Abrahams, Lifa Duks (EPWP) and Nonzukiso Ntutela. The two EPWP employees assisted with filling of the tankers but did not go with to Knysna. Regretably all of the George vehicles including the Fire tanker had to withdraw following threats of violence from the Knysna local communities.

George Municipality thanks all of our officials for always going the extra mile when called upon.