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George Municipality congratulates winner of the Green Economy Change Champions Event

George Municipality warmly congratulates Overstrand Municipality on the announcement of their winning the Green Economy Change Champions Event for 2022.

Our Electrotechnical Department is proud to have been nominated as one of the top five green sustainability initiatives with their Electricity Wheeling Project.

The Green Economy Change Champions event is hosted by GreenCape and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF).

“Our wheeling project remains a pioneering first step for George towards a competitive energy market. Looking into the future, this may lead to an energy model where different energy generators supply power to the end-users making use of the existing Municipal infrastructure. This will also provide an opportunity for more renewable energy sources to be introduced to the Municipal grid. The result would be a reduction of dependency on carbon-based fuels as well as relieving the burden on Eskom to generate,” said Daniel Greeff, Deputy Director: Planning and Design for Electrotechnical Services.