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George Municipality Enhances Community Safety with High Mast Light Installations

In the photo, the Portfolio Cllr for Electrotechnical Services Nosicelo Mbete and Mayor Leon van Wyk are switching one of the  high mast lights

In a concerted effort to address safety concerns and combat criminal activities, the George Municipality has successfully installed 30 high mast lights in strategic locations over the past six months. These installations, situated in Thembalethu, Lawaaikamp, Parkdene, and Borchers, aim to improve lighting in high-density areas with historically low to no lighting, ultimately contributing to enhanced community safety.

The Executive Mayor of George, Alderman Leon van Wyk commended the Municipal Electrotechnical Services for the installation of the high mast lights saying that the installation of these high mast lights is expected to yield several benefits, including crime prevention and improved Security.

“The enhanced lighting will act as a deterrent to criminal activities, providing communities with increased visibility and the ability to monitor cable theft and vandalism of municipal resources and property.” Mayor van Wyk said. “Adequate lighting significantly reduces safety risks associated with nighttime activities. The high mast lights, with an effective radius of approximately 50 to 60 meters, will contribute to the overall security of the communities.”

The distribution of the high mast lights is as follows:
• Thembalethu: 18 high mast lights distributed across various wards.
• Parkdene: 5 high mast lights.
• Lawaaikamp: 4 high mast lights.
• Borchards: 3 high mast lights.

Mayor Leon van Wyk says the installation of these high mast lights is expected to increase safety

According to the acting director for Electrotechnical Services, Kobus Wilken, this initiative was made possible through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) and a portion came from the George Municipal’s own funding. “The Municipality submitted funding requests to address the critical need for improved lighting and successfully secured approval from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) for the installation of the 30 high mast lights. The MIG allocated a total of R17 million, supplemented by an additional R2 million from municipal funding,” Wilken said.

The Portfolio Councillor of the Electrotechnical Services and Fleet, Councillor Nosicelo Mbete urged the public to preserve these important assets. “While celebrating this significant milestone, the Municipality urges the community to play an active role in safeguarding this essential infrastructure against theft and vandalism. The success of these installations relies on the collective effort of residents to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the high mast lights,” Cllr Mbete said.

The Municipality is confident that these installations will contribute to a safer environment and provide residents with the assurance of well-lit public spaces.