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George Municipality handed over 700 home composting bins to residents

Media Release: George Municipality handed over 700 home composting bins to residents

Issued by George Municipality 12 December 2022 for immediate release


George Municipality handed over 700 home composting bins the past week to residents who qualified to receive a composting bin.

According to Grace Notshokovu from Environmental Services, they’ve had a good turnout and residents are very excited to start their composting projects. This was the first cycle of the project, and it will continue to be rolled out over the next three years.

Notshokovu said people are welcome to apply for bins in the meantime. They must however be patient as bins can only be bought as funding from the Municipal budget becomes available. However, if someone fails to fetch their bin or cancels it, the next person on the database will receive a bin.

George Municipality invited households, NGO’s, churches and schools to apply for composting bins in July.  The household bin is 150 litres and the bigger bin for organisations is 200 litres. Approximately 30% of all household waste being disposed of at a landfill site consists of organic waste that could potentially be diverted from the landfill by means of household composting.

Complex residents are also encouraged to apply.

Minimum criteria

  1. Must reside permanently in the George municipal area for the project (proof of address must be submitted).
  2. Must generate kitchen waste e.g., raw vegetable and fruit waste.

Application forms to participate in the project are available on the George Municipal website: or can be obtained from the George Environmental Services Municipal offices, 82 Meade Street, George.

Follow the link to the application form:

Submit application forms to or or at George Environmental Services Municipal Offices, 82 Meade Street.

For more information on composting follow the link:

To enquire, contact Grace Notshokovu/ Karin Stoffels (044 802 2900).


George Municipality officials at the handover of the composting bins. With them are Gaston Lehmann (second from right) a beneficiary of a composting bin.


Compost2: Gail Hagemann (beneficiary) with George Municipal officials Khayalethu Khau, Karin Stoffels, Rodriques Opperman (beneficiary) and Zikhona Thungu at the handover of the composting bins.


Compost3: Elize Herbst, Zikhona Thungu and Chris Herbst at the handover.