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George Municipality installing transformers to increase more reliable power supply

In the photo above the concrete foundations are the bases of the equipment to be installed. Following this, is to put up the steel structure and once this is done, the equipment can be mounted on it.

George Municipality has made great strides in its efforts to supply citizens with a more reliable power supply by installing transformers of which one is at the Glenwood substation. According to Daniel Greeff, Deputy Director: Planning and Design, Electrotechnical Services, work on the project was hampered by rain but the various foundations for the 66kV equipment have now been completed.  Next up will be the steel structures whereafter the equipment can be mounted. Greeff noted that this is very precise work give the equipment must be mounted at specified heights and the structure itself must be signed off by a structural engineer to ensure that it can withstand the forces on the equipment during a possible fault.

Greeff noted that the oil containment system is also on track with the fencing and stormwater management channel completed. The “oil containment dam” can also be seen in the pictures. This is required during emergencies for the collection of the oil.  The firewalls which prevent a fire at one transformer from affecting or spreading to another have been completed.

Greeff said there will be three transformers at the plant and two smaller transformers with forced cooling. “The existing two transformers will be upgraded to the specifications of the new third transformer. The existing two forced cool transformers will be reused at the Protea Substation to increase the capacity there. The new transformers have been ordered and will be delivered on or before June 2024 according to current planning,” Greeff said. The Glenwood transformer is a 20 MVA 66kV/11kV and will be added to the existing two 20 MVA transformers to assist with the growing demand in the east of George and surrounds.

Mayor Leon van Wyk said previously, that the installation of these transformers solidifies the municipality’s quest to capacitate and supply adequate electricity to the city of George while also catering for growth.


 The oil containment system is also on track at the Glenwood substation.