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George Municipality Launches Energy-Saving Smart Lighting Pilot

Energy-Saving Smart Lighting Pilot aiming to transform the city’s lighting infrastructure.

George Municipality is conducting a pilot project to test a new smart energy-saving technological system on the City’s streetlights. The Smart Lights initiative aims to replace existing lights with technology that can monitor their status and adjust brightness during times of low traffic, adding to the efficiency of already installed LED lights.

The Municipality has partnered with one of South Africa’s leading lighting suppliers, Beka Schréder, which is sponsoring the software, setup, and configuration for this trial period. According to Daniel Greeff, Deputy Director of George Municipality’s Electrotechnical Services Department, this project is set to transform the city’s lighting infrastructure, making George a model of technological advancement and sustainable urban living.

“The benefits of the smart lighting project extend beyond technical efficiency. The project aims to enhance George’s residents’ safety, comfort, and well-being by reducing lighting failures and optimising resource use. This advanced system will also foster community pride as citizens experience the tangible benefits of living in a forward-thinking, well-managed city,” said Greeff.

A key feature of this system is its commitment to open standards and protocols, avoiding the pitfalls of proprietary systems that can lead to vendor lock-in. This open, interoperable platform can integrate seamlessly with existing and third-party systems and devices, promoting innovation and flexibility. By aligning with global standardisation alliances, the lighting supplier ensures that George’s smart lighting infrastructure is future-proof and capable of evolving with technological advancements.

George Municipality is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its residents through sustainable and innovative urban development. This smart lighting pilot project is a testament to George’s commitment to being at the forefront of technological implementation and excellence.

“Should this pilot project yield the desired outcome, and feasibility and assist in increasing service delivery, the Municipality may roll it out to the main roads and possibly other areas,” Greeff concluded.