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George Municipality Launches the Start-Up Tribe Academy for Local Entrepreneurs

Luvo Bomvana, Local Economic Development Manager, George Municipality

George Municipality is proud to announce the launch of the Start-Up Tribe Academy, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses in the local community. In collaboration with Start-Up Tribe, an esteemed online platform offering free online learning, this initiative seeks to empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world.

Supported by the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, the Start-Up Tribe initiative has gained international recognition for its efforts to address unemployment and promote economic growth. With a presence in 27 countries and over 400 cities and municipalities worldwide, Start-Up Tribe has been instrumental in providing valuable resources and educational opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The Start-Up Tribe Academy offers a wide range of free online courses designed to cater to entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journey. Whether you are a novice exploring business ideas or an experienced entrepreneur seeking to expand your skills, the Academy provides accessible and engaging learning materials tailored to your needs. From introductory courses in the 14-Day Start Course to advanced Growth Courses, participants can benefit from insights shared by successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

According to Luvo Bomvana, the Economic Development Manager at George Municipality, entrepreneurship plays a vital role in addressing key socio-economic challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and inequality. “By participating in the Start-Up Tribe initiative, George Municipality aims to strengthen the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and support to thrive,” Bomvana said.

Access the Start-Up Tribe Academy via a link on the George Municipality website, offering a user-friendly platform for easy access to educational resources. Through periodic data analysis and support from the Start-Up Tribe team, the Municipality will closely monitor progress and measure the impact of the initiative.

Importantly, the implementation of the Start-Up Tribe Academy incurs no financial costs to the Municipality, as it is fully funded by the Start-Up Tribe. With a customised syllabus and comprehensive back-end support, the Academy represents a valuable resource for local entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.

For more information about the Start-Up Tribe and how to access the Academy, please visit

Additionally, frequently asked questions can be found at

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