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George Municipality Officers Complete Peace Officer and Warden Training

In the photo: Front row from left:
Adam Roelfse (Officer), Daniellia Laws (Officer), Sgt. T van Schalkwyk (Training facilitator), Verona Botha (Officer) and Xoliswa Zokoza (Officer).
Middle Row from left:
Curtley Joseph (Officer), Ashely Joseph (Officer), Andre Baartman (Officer), Jan Adams (Officer), Africa Mpembe (Officer), Adrian Jansen (Officer) Fadiel Luiters (Officer), and Roland Hardnick (Inspector).
Back Row from left:
Wyatte Crowley (Officer), Nathan Jonas (Officer), Charwin van Wyk (Officer), Heinrico Standers (Officer) and Juandre Prins (Officer).

The George Municipality’s Law Enforcement officers have completed a Peace Officer and Warden Training course from 3 to 29 June 2024. All participants were found competent.

This course was presented by the City of Cape Town’s Metro Police Services Training & Development Programme to seventeen (17) Community Safety staff members, including land invasion and law enforcement officers.

According to Lee-Ann Meiring, the Senior Manager for Community Safety in the George Municipality, this training will allow the Municipality to appoint more Peace Officers with the authority to enforce by-laws. “The training is certified and covers three main areas: Professional Conduct, Peace Officer & Warden Training, and Point Duty. At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role and functions of a peace officer and traffic warden,” said Meiring.