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George Municipality tackles review of By-laws – Outdoor Advertising Management and Control By-Law Review

Outdoor Advertising Management and Control By-Law Review
Council approved the review of the Outdoor Advertising Management and Control By-Law for the George Municipality on 30 March 2023 as well as a public participation process to be followed.

Purpose and objective of the by-law
One of the main purposes of the draft Outdoor Advertising Management and Control By-Law , 2023 to establish a legal framework for outdoor advertising which is cognisant of the uniqueness of George, its surrounding urban centres and rural hinterland, and it’s natural, built and cultural environment as well as constitutional rights.

This by-law aims to positively affirm existing cultural sensitivity; and conserve and enhance the beneficial aspects of the existing natural and built environment. The update of the by-law was also required to meet the requirements of new trends and activities currently taking place within the George Municipal area.

In 2022 an internal working group was established to undertake an analysis and review of the existing by-law. Input was also gathered from state departments and the road authorities to ensure alignment of the bylaw with their policies and regulations relating to outdoor advertising.

The by-law makes provision for:

  • the management and regulation of all forms of outdoor advertising.
  • the protection of the constitutional rights of all stakeholders and foster economic development, to provide for minimum standards and requirements that can be applied to all outdoor advertising applications submitted;
  • to align the legal framework with existing and nationally accepted norms and guidelines governing outdoor advertising in South Africa;
  • and to enable the Municipality to manage outdoor advertising as integral part of it’s natural, economic, legibility and social infrastructure.

The notice concerning the reviewed Outdoor Advertising Management and Control By-Law will be published on 13 April 2023 in the George Herald, on the Municipal Website and municipal social media sites. The draft By-Law is available on our website at the following  link .

Hard copies will be available at all public libraries in George for review. Feedback is required by no later than 12 May 2023. The input received from the public and  I&AP’s will be addressed, where after the final by-law will be referred to Council for approval. Comments and inputs can be emailed to Vasti Laws at  and copied to or phoned in to 044 801 9111.  Comments may also be submitted in person at the George Municipality Ground Floor ,71 York Street, George, 6530. Enquiries to Fickerie Toyer,

By-laws differ between municipalities
The Constitution of South Africa gives municipalities the power to pass their own legislation, in the form of by-laws, for subject areas. These by-laws hold the same power and force as other national and provincial legislation but are laws managed by the individual municipality in order to regulate the affairs and the services it provides within its area of jurisdiction.

The details of by-laws can differ from one municipality to another, and the public is always advised to check their local municipal by-laws which can be found on the relevant municipal website.

Promulgated in Western Cape Provincial Gazette
A municipal by-law may be enforced only after it has been published in the official gazette of the Western Cape Province on request of the local municipality. The promulgated by-law is then uploaded to the municipal website for easy access by the public. Transgression of a by -law is treated the same as a normal law, if you break a by-law, you can be fined or prosecuted. Most transgressions are handled in the George Municipal Court.