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George Municipality’s Home Composting Project

The George Municipality is initiating a household composting project in the George municipal area.

Permanent residents within the George Municipal area are urged to apply and join the project to turn organic household waste into compost.

Approximately 30% of all household waste being disposed of at a landfill site consists of organic waste that could potentially be diverted from the landfill by means of household composting. Residents in Housing Complex’s are encouraged to also apply.

Minimum criteria

  1. Only residents permanently living in the George municipal area may apply.
  2. Proof of residents to be submitted along with your application form.
  3. Must generate organic material e.g., raw vegetable and fruit peels, eggshells, grass cuttings.
  4. Material that does NOT qualify as organic material: Meat or related meat products, oil, fat or grease, diseased plant material, sawdust or woodchips from treated wood, dog or cat faeces, weeds that have seeds, dairy products, coal ash, cooked foods, nappies and used tissues, glossy or coloured paper.

How to apply.

  1. Download the application form.
  1. Email the completed application form along with your proof of residency to  or

Alternatively, you can collect an application form from our George Environmental Services Municipal offices at 82 Meade Street, George.

NB: Please note that only new applicants will be provided with a composting container/ bin.