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George to spend nearly half a billion on road upgrades

R148 million rand will be spent on major road upgrades in 2022/23 financial year with another R350 million over next 3 financial years

George Executive Mayor Alderman Leon van Wyk said the municipality was committed to optimising road upgrades across the city. “Due to budget constraints, the George Municipality is forced to prioritise roads in poor to very poor condition. We continually pursue other sources of funding to address as many issues as possible. These projects will utilize funding from three sources over the next three financial years including George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN) funding, own budget and Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) funding,” said Ald Van Wyk.

“The municipality is grateful for these additional income sources that have enabled us to upgrade overall infrastructure and pedestrian experience, which ultimately benefit business, promote investment and improve quality of life,” said Browen Johnson, Portfolio Councillor for Civil Engineering Services.

Universally Accessible
Acting Director for Civil Engineering Services Lionel Daniels confirmed that the municipality will not just upgrade the road during such projects. Underground services such as stormwater and sewerage lines will also be upgraded  as well as the rehabilitation of roads used by buses and other heavy vehicles.  The existing road pavement structure is reviewed and the surface of the pavements, the kerbs and obstructions on the sidewalks are addressed to allow for universal accessibility, a cornerstone of the GO GEORGE bus services.

How are roads selected for upgrade
The George Municipality’s Pavement Management System (PMS) is a planning tool for the maintenance and repair of the entire George municipal road network to optimise road conditions, and is used to prioritise roads for upgrading, repairs and rehabilitation in the George municipal area.

As part of the compilation of the PMS, each road is investigated by specialised pavement engineers and its condition classified from very poor (high priority) to very good (low priority). Factors considered during the classification process are the structural, aesthetic, surface and formation condition as well as traffic volumes and functional class of the road. Integrated Development Plan (IDP) requests and the number of complaints registered per road also plays a role.

From the investigation, treatment options are specified for each road which could vary from a diluted emulsion, minor patching and crack seal to asphalt, rehabilitation, reconstruction, replacement with brick paving and more. Further to the above, although a road may be regarded as high priority, it may be postponed depending on the municipality’s ability to afford the proposed remedial work.

Alternatively, a road that was regarded as ‘good’ may deteriorate very quickly to poor, for instance after flooding and/ or sudden increase in heavy vehicular traffic. Constant monitoring and evaluation are therefore required and may result in the reprioritisation of roads.

Below is a breakdown of projects planned in the 2022/23 financial year and outer years:

Roads (GIPTN) (Budget allowed)

  • Golf street (Phase 1 & 2)- Rehabilitation of 1,5 km of Golf Street between Circular and Main Street, design in process with construction planned for end of September 2022 (Value – R15 921 000)
  • Tabata street Phase 2 – Rehabilitation of 600m Tabata street (Phase 2) (Value – R15 437 100), Construction to commence beginning of June 2022
  • Market street (Phase 4 & 5) – Rehabilitation of 450m of Market Street (Phase 4 &5) (Value  -R20 192 500), Construction to commence 24 May 2022
  • Airways Road and associated circles – Rehabilitation of 650m of Airways Road and amendment of three circles to commence 28 May 2022 (Value – R2 500 000)
  • Mission Street -Rehabilitation of800 m of Mission Street Road surface between kerbs (Value – R4 500 000) and work to commence beginning of June 2022
  • Memorium Street – Rehabilitation of100 m of Memorium Street Road surface between kerbs (Value – R1 500 000) and work to commence end of June 2022
  • Triumph/Park Street intersection rehabilitation (Value – R1 250 000)
  • PW Botha Rand Street extension, upgrading of the intersection to accommodate the Metro housing development. (Value – R5 500 000)

Roads (GIPTN) designs, awaiting budget allocation:

  • Rose Street                                         R20 000 000
  • Beukes Street                                    R15 000 000
  • Fiskaal Road extension                  R12 000 000
  • PW Botha Street                              R64 000 000
  • Ngcakani Street (Phase2 – 4)        R59 000 000
  • Tabata Street (phase 3 -5)            R40 000 000

Road upgrades funded by Private Developments

  • York Street Circles – Construction to commence end of June 2022 (Value – R35 000 000)
  • Sweetpea Intersection upgrade. Value to be determined following the design approval.
  • Kingswood / R102 Road link – Value to be determines following the design approval.
  • Kraaibosch Road Network upgrade – Construction of Road 2 & 3 in terms of the Kraaibosch Road Model.  Value to be determined following the design approval.


Roads (MIG funded)

  • Ngcakani street (Phase 1) – R25 000 000 (subject to MIG appraisal approval)
  • Rebuild of Streets in Greater George– R7 000 000
  • Reseal of Streets – R10 000 000
  • Upgrading of existing roads in Delville Park – R10 000 000
  • Rooidraai Road: Repairs to Slip Failure – R18 000 000
  • Peters Road: Repairs to Slip Failure – R1 500 000
  • Remedial Works to Whites Road – R2 500 000
  • Upgrading of Saagmeul Street – R8 500 000
  • Paving of Roads in Haarlem – R3 000 000
Portfolio Councillor for Civil Engineering Services, Browen Johnson discusses the R500 million upgrades to take place on our roads over the next three years.