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George Traffic Services – Easter Holiday Awareness Campaign

Janine Wells, George Traffic Chief in photograph above.

The Western Cape Province’s first school term comes to an end on March 20th, 2024 with a week of school holiday, Human Rights Day on the 21st of March and an Easter long weekend.

Many citizens will take this opportunity to embark on long-distance travelling to visit neighbouring districts or provinces to spend time with family or friends. Janine Wells, George Traffic Chief said George municipal area commonly sees an increase of visitors to the area, whether local and/or foreigners, visiting beaches and popular establishments. Traffic volumes on all major routes increase whether to travel locally or to neighbouring towns or across provinces.

“George Municipal Traffic is geared to deal with these volumes of traffic and will be on high alert by ensuring visible policing and deal appropriately with offenders whether for excessive speeding, reckless and negligent driving, inconsiderate driving or drunk driving. Increased activities are aimed at reducing fatalities during this Easter and school holiday period. Various vehicle checkpoints will be set up on major routes in conjunction with other enforcement entities. Patrols will also be done throughout urban and residential areas focussing on pedestrian safety and jaywalking,” Wells said.

She said the N2 is still a major concern with regards to pedestrian safety. George Traffic Department and other enforcement entities will continue with awareness campaigns on the N2 highway and provincial roads within the George Municipal area. The vehicle checkpoints will focus on driver and vehicle fitness, overloading of public transport and private vehicles, driving under the influence of alcohol and the wearing of safety belts by all occupants.

Operations will further focus on long-distance public transport such as taxis, midi-buses, and buses to ensure compliance with the National Land Transport Act and National Road Traffic Act. Simultaneously, these checks will allow for rest periods in an attempt to address driver fatigue and ensure safety of commuters and other road users. Any suspected unroadworthy vehicles will be taken to the nearest Vehicle Testing Station for detailed checks. Random breathalyser screening will be done at all operations.  According to Wells, the ongoing focus will be on excessive speeding and driving under the influence which is a huge contribution to accidents and fatalities.

Residents and visitors alike should take note in coastal areas, if foggy conditions are encountered with poor visibility, drivers are requested to switch on headlights and reduce speed.

Members of the public are urged to join the campaign to reduce road carnage by reporting reckless and negligent drivers or unattended/broken down vehicles on dark roads to George Municipality on emergency number 044 801 6300.

Wells wished all residents and visitors a safe journey over the holidays and the Easter period.