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George Municipality’s Dynamic Women

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Janine Wells
Manager: Traffic and Licensing

“Working in a male-dominated environment and still remaining a woman, able to juggle work, family and home, makes me unique as a woman,” Janine said.

Janine manages the Traffic Department which includes traffic law enforcement which is general traffic law enforcement, parking enforcement, training and education for creches, schools, universities, old age homes, pedestrian awareness and any other non-motorised transport mode as well as public transport which includes buses, taxis, scholar transport, freight and speed enforcement.

The Traffic Chief is also in charge of the learner and driving license section, traffic fine management, motor vehicle registration and licensing and vehicle testing.

Janine is responsible for the implementation of all relevant policies, amended legislation, and adherence to relevant municipal legislation including directives received from the National Department of Transport and the Western Cape Government: Mobility Department.

She is responsible for the development of a strategic plan and annually reviews the plan, to provide for new developments.