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The adopted Gwayang Local Spatial Development Framework (LSDF), 2015 identified the area between the Gwaiing River and George, south of the R102 and north of the N2, as an area which has the potential to be developed as a mixed-use precinct with the focus on commercial and industrial land uses. This precinct forms part of a cluster of existing and proposed nodes along the western access to the urban area and is situated along the western gateway route into George, along the R102.

“The Municipality, assisted by a service provider, has initiated technical processes, including geotechnical studies, environmental sensitivity analysis, traffic Impact evaluation, engineering service investigations and precinct designs, to confirm the site’s suitability for the envisaged mixed-use development.  In addition, an urban design- and optimal layout concept form part of the deliverables of this process,” said Lauren Waring, director for Human Settlements, Planning & Development and Property Management in the George Municipality.

“In addition to commercial and industrial parks modern manufacturing and other commercial functions on various scales, the concept envisages mixed residential typologies with the associated community facilities.  The Municipal Utility area and planned Alternative Energy facilities are included in the precinct plan and sensitive environmental features will be protected through an integrated Open Space system which will also aid storm-water management and provide functional open spaces to the users in and around the precinct,” Waring added.

“The technical studies and concept plans inform the final layout plan which is anticipated to be completed by July 2023. Thereafter the Environmental Impact and Land Use Management application processes will commence and the phasing for the installation of infrastructure will be determined.  The planning process is anticipated to be concluded by the end of 2024, whereafter the potential release of land for development will be submitted to the Council.”

This project constitutes infill development and supports objectives to ensure the optimum and efficient use of existing infrastructure and resources. The introduction of opportunities for industrial and commercial expansion will catalyze economic growth and is anticipated to yield new opportunities for employment and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) development.