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Hillbillies Trails Receives Funding from George Municipality to Maintain Network in Witfontein Forest


Hillbillies Trails Receives Funding from George Municipality to Maintain Network in Witfontein Forest

George, South Africa – 12 June 2024 – Hillbillies Trails, George’s local club dedicated to trails in the area, is pleased to announce that they have received R200,000 in funding from the Tourism section of George Municipality. This financial support is specifically allocated towards a project aimed at maintaining the trail route network in the picturesque Witfontein Forest, nestled in the Outeniqua Mountains of South Africa.

The cash contribution provided by George Municipality on behalf of George, Wilderness and Uniondale Tourism will significantly aid Hillbillies Trails in ensuring the upkeep and preservation of the routes within the Witfontein Forest region, and various areas, including Cape Nature reserves, Kat Rivier, Saasveld, and the scenic Garden Route Dam areas.

“This funding marks a crucial milestone in our endeavours to facilitate access to the country’s pristine wilderness areas, creating a way for mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners and walkers to enjoy the forests and natural landscape that George is renowned for,” remarked Braam Pretorius, Chairman of Hillbillies Trails. “We deeply appreciate this support, as it empowers us to sustainably create enriching outdoor experiences, all while fostering environmental preservation, for the benefit of residents and visitors to the area. The Hillbillies are dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation of nature.”

Hillbillies Trails remains committed to maintaining the routes and caring for the environment in South Africa’s awe-inspiring Outeniquas. ‘Trails like the ones built by the Hillbillies have led to the possibility of trail running, hiking and mountain biking economic opportunities for locals such as events in these segments, nature guiding and more,says Joan Shaw, Tourism Manager. ‘They also contribute to the overall tourism offerings of George, contributing to the areas attractiveness as a destination to visit.

For more information about Hillbillies Trails and their conservation initiatives, please  For more information on George Tourism link to