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Launching QR Codes – Your safety is important to us this festive season! Ald Leon Van Wyk explains QR Codes for 2022 Festive Safety

Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk is pleased to announce a new initiative of the George Tourism Department to assist visitors and locals alike with festive safety information.  “In our preparations for this year, we will be making use of QR codes that will provide access to websites containing information on tourist activities and events, important municipal contact details as well as water and other safety tips for our visitors. These QR codes give easy access via mobile phone, as we often don’t have a brochure on hand, when we most need it.  This method also assists in keeping our festive season earth friendly as we save on printing costs of various publications, as well as keeping the town clean and green.“

The municipality has created QR codes for three webpages  – one is a link to George Tourism for easy access to information on events, activities, accommodation etc; one is a link to the Municipal Website with the most important contact details any homeowner, holiday renter etc would need during the festive season and finally the third is a link to a Visitor Safety page on the municipal website which gives you information on safety at our beaches, safety in our mountains as well as a list of emergency contacts.

The QR Codes will be publicized extensively by means of posters up at our beach facilities, flyers handed out at roadblocks and tourism site activations to be held throughout George, printed in the George Holiday Guide due out by the 15th December 2022,  and on all of our municipal and tourism social media sites.

The information on the website can be updated immediately if needed and will be supplemented by the daily George Festive Monitoring Committee meetings which start off on 1 December and will be attended by municipal as well as external stakeholders such as NSRI, SAPS, SANParks and others. The purpose of the daily meeting is to assess available resources, identify possible risks  and to put in place actions plans to address these risks so as not to impact on our holidaymakers. Our goal is to ensure consistent service delivery during this busy period and to keep George running as efficiently as possible.

What is a QR Code
A QR code works similarly to barcodes at the supermarket.  Each QR code consists black squares and dots which represent different pieces of information. When scanned, the unique pattern on the barcode translates into human-readable data. Scan the code using your phone’s camera or make sure you have a QR Code scanner app installed.

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